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Malù Cruz Piani

Malù Cruz Piani, born in São Paulo in 1965, is a sculptor and painter. Following the footsteps of her grandfather who was a ceramics artist, she attended a Fine Arts university in Brazil.

In the 1980’s, her modelling career led her to travel throughout Europe, granting her the opportunity to visit the main art capitals of the Old Continent.
At the end of the 1990’s her interest in the figurative arts, especially sculptual arts, began to ripen, and her debut in the world of sculpture was marked by an apprenticeship at Sergio Tapia Radic’s atelier.
Cruz’s first experimentations with figurative and traditional arts date back to this period and her work was strongly characterized by a placid and descriptive plasticism, a display of naturalistic and academic details.

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"La verità è come l'arte... È nell'occhio di chi guarda!".
"L'arte è come l'ossigeno... Non te ne accorgi ma è la tua linfa!"
- Anonimo -